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If you are planning an international move then selection of the exact mover is the necessary part to concern about. It is essential to select a professional packer and mover service provider as your total moving experiences will rely on the selection of the perfect international mover. We at Ashoka Packers are eligible to offer international relocation services by air or sea, equivalent to the best in present industrial standard. Depending on individual needs of a customer, we are eligible to facilitate insurance coverage as well.

We at Ashoka Packers are proficient enough to relocate anything with proper packing and secured clearance from any part of the world to the other by both sea freight and air. Our trained and professional departmental staffs are fully-dedicated to assist you to determine the perfect and cost-effective shipping solution for your unaccompanied goods. After evaluating your every need, our professional team will advise you on whether road freight, air freight or sea freight or the combination of three is the best choice for you. We with our total professional approach will arrange your belonging to pack and relocate to the exact destination.

We at Ashoka Packers will provide you with minimum trouble and maximum assistance to render you with exact International relocation solutions at your budget-friendly rates. Our International relocation services ensure higher- standard and consistency services to our customers. Customers from all over the world are totally satisfied with our wide range of packing and moving services. We have both global and national resources to offer our customers with a complete range of packing, moving and storage solutions. 

Services available for our customers:

  1. Relocation services
  2. Vehicle moving services
  3. Packing and moving services
  4. Warehouse storage services
  5. Loading and unloading services
  6. Custom Clearance solution
  7. Insurance
  8. Goods transportation services
  9. Other allied services  

Ashoka Packers is a well-renowned name in the packing and moving industry. Since long successive years are professionally offering customers with flexible and cost-effective packing and relocation services. We can offer both domestic and international relation of household furniture, industrial equipment, office assets and every big or small goods. We are eligible to offer vehicle moving and warehouse storage facilities as well. We have updated our servicing ways, which intended to continue efficient packing and moving services in future.      
Transportation modes in International relocation:

  1. By Air
  2. By Sea

Both the transportation by Sea and Air has certain advantages and disadvantages, which are as follows-

International relocation by air cost high charges and you can carry less volume as well but your urgent relocation can easily be facilitated. Whereas, International relocation by sea costs less and you can carry bulk volume for shipment but more transit time is required. It may not serve your urgent relocation purpose, which you can avail by air. This all kind of quarries and assistance will be guided by our professionals and we will allow you with hassle-free international relocation services as well.        

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To know every single detail regarding our international relocation services at affordable rates, then immediately contact us at Ashoka Packers for professional assistance.